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A Brief History Of The Hogs Head Hotel
A historical search found that originally this building was a coach stop where new horses were kept ready for the regular coach service which travelled through the grounds around 1625 when it was first found on a map which showed a road running from Gilt Hill opposite the school on the route into Kimberley from the Ikea Island. This road passed through the grounds and then on towards Awsworth and Ilkeston.
The stone section at the centre of the current building dates back over five hundred years.
The building known as Giltbrigs Farm was where pigs were kept for many years. In 1974 the derelict building was purchased by the Hogg family and was restored into a family home.
Later the family haulage business was based at Giltbrigs Farm until the mid-eighties, in 1986 the premises were relicensed from industrial to a hotel and restaurant and the conversion began into The Hogs Head Hotel



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